Why Buy This Product?

  • Cuts through and lubricates abrasive dirt to reduce swirl marks and scratches
  • Gentle car wash soap will not strip wax or sealant
  • Rinses clean and clear without spotting
  • Reduces water spots, no chemical etching
  • Versatile for use in bucket, foam gun, or foam cannon
  • Lets the natural radiant beauty of your glossy paint and shiny wax coat shine through
  • Will not strip wax or sealant when used as directed


Bucket Wash is the gentle car soap for weekly washing and detailing. Add just 2 to 3 ounces to your 5 gallon wash bucket for soapy suds to carry away dirt, grime, and debris. Wash any exterior car part like paintwork, wheels, glass, and exhaust systems. Bucket Wash cuts through thick grease, bug guts, and filth from normal driving in the city and on the highway. Love car wash foam? Add 1 - 3 ounces of Bucket Wash to any garden hose foam gun or pressure washer foam cannon for thick foamy suds and added lubrication. Unlike low grade car wash soaps and caustic dish detergents, Bucket Wash will not strip wax or sealant coatings when used for normal weekly maintenance car washes to let your car’s natural beauty shine through, clean, shine, and protect at every wash with RAVA Bucket Wash.

Bucket Wash