2 Bottles!!!  Great to have around the house for whatever your cleaning needs are!! This stuff will clean a stainless BBQ like no tomorrow!  Need some grease and oil off your engine?   Want to get oil stains out of your clothes?  This stuff works better than the rest and it's Sustainable Green!!!!!



HDD Oil and Grease cutter can be used on almost any surface.  Test color fastness in a small area before use to ensure no color leaching from plastics.  This product is popular in car washes to bug splats from bumpers and car fronts. Perfect for that greasy stainless bbq.  Use it to spot treat carpet or upholstery. Used to clean engines, spots on concrete floors, oil spots on fabric or work clothes.   No end to the uses.

HDD Oil and Grease Cutter

SKU: OG32-2