6 ounce bottles of your choice of fragrance or multi choice.    Use in the kitchen, trash or garbage can, kids smelly shoes, pet beds and pet areas, laundry freshener, fabric freshener, on the  carpet, in you central air filters for an over all clean and fresh smelling house. Use in the car, on any surface that needs freshening as the enzyme food base RAVA removes the root cause of the odor and is not a mask!  No Heavy Fragrance! The food based enzymes and natural extracts work on the cause of the odors.  Works on cat and dog urine!


You can choose 1 of our 6 frangrances for your 4 pack or mix and match to try more than one fragrance!


- Green Tea, Vanilla, Cherry, Citrus, Fresh Mint, Lavender - 

RAVA Odor Eliminator 6 oz

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